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Difficult to lose its curves with the closing of the sports halls? Can't find time to go to the gym regularly? Are you exhausted just at the thought of doing abs? Paying for regular electrostimulation sessions costs your buttocks skin? We have the solution, the Smart Stimulator™ .

✓ Activates fat burning
✓ Break the celullite
✓ Flattens the belly
✓ Slims legs and hips
✓ Stimulates the muscles in depth
✓ Favours a thin waist

Get perfect shapes without too much effort 

Thanks to EMS technology,Smart Stimulator™ sends brief electrical impulses to the muscle, thus promoting its contraction. No effort is required, this process is painless.

For a tighter body : 

Smart Stimulator™ helps maintain muscle tone, locally strengthen the muscles, firm them up, tone them up and allow a body remodeling. Thighs, pectorals, abodominals, buttocks, hips it is you who choose .

Quickly visible results

Use twice a day for 15 minutes and after three weeks you already get firmer parts. Thanks to its remote controls you can choose the intensity that suits you best.


Discreet and easy to use

Smart Stimulator™ don't need oil to stick to the skin, just stick them against your skin. They are so discreet that you can wear them under your clothes and exercise wherever you want. 


The benefits of the Smart Stimulator™ 

  • Contribute to make unsightly curves disappear,
  • Relieves muscular contractures or fatigue,
  • Muscles the different parts of your body that are used.
  • Accelerate recovery after too intense sports sessions
  • Fight against cellulite through drainage and massage.
  • Rechargeable via USB 

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