High waist Corset - Louis Eden™

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Do you want a faster wasp waist that fits all your outfits?  

Do you wish to have an hourglass figure faster that fits all your outfits? 

Do you dream about wearing a tight dress, but you are afraid of not looking sexy?

We have a solution. Try our Louis Eden corset.

Instantly refines your shape/figure.

Get the perfect figure to fit into your sexy and tight outfits in no time. Just put on your Louis Eden corset. 

Our corset is designed to flatten and enhance the areas of your body that are at the root of some of your complexes.

It offers you maximum comfort.

You can wear our corset under any outfit to make it more sublime. Its cotton lining gives those who wear it a very pleasant comfort.

Capable of absorbing a large amount of sweet, you will dry even if you wear it all day long

Ideal for any outfit

Wearing a sexy outfit that enhances its shape shows a certain self-confidence. Wear your best outfits without fear of not looking beautiful enough. 

Put on your corset, adjust it as you see fit and you're done. 

Why wear a louis Eden corset, 

  • Allows for instant waist reduction for a slimmer figure.
  • Maximum abdominal compression to reduce the size of the belly.
  • Exerts pressure on the torso to lift slightly loose belly skin.
  • Suitable for all types of exercise.
  • Invisible even under the tightest clothing. 
  • Comfortable, three levels of adjustment.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric ideal for all-day wear. 
  • Combined with physical exertion, it helps you achieve the perfect figure.
  • Clean by hand.
  • Corrects posture and shapes the waist and abdomen.


Start slowly, 30 minutes a day at first and gradually increase the duration up to 4 to 6 hours a day. It is not necessary to do it every day, although it is preferable for faster results.

Size Information
Product Height: 25cm

XS: (suitable for waist circumference 56--63CM) / tile length: 58CM
S: (suitable for waist circumference 64-69CM) / tile length: 60CM
M: (suitable for waist circumference 70-76CM) / tile length: 62CM
L: (suitable for waist circumference 77-83CM) / tile length: 64CM
XL: (suitable for waist circumference 84-90CM) / tile length: 66CM
XXL: (suitable for waist circumference 91-97CM) / tile length: 68CM
XXXL: (suitable for waist circumference 98-104CM) / tile length: 70CM
4XL: (suitable for waist circumference 105-111CM) / tile length: 72CM
5XL: (suitable for waist circumference 111-117CM) / tile length: 74CM