Adhesive bra Louis eden™ can replace your regular bra. It’s perfect for all-day everyday wear, as well as strapless, backless, sheer, and halter dresses and tops.

Gently peel off the plastic protector of the Rabbit Bra and do not throw it away you will need it for later.

1. Lean slightly forward and apply the round part of the product at the center of your breasts.

2. Gently pull the Rabbit Bra ears in an upward as much as you need to lift your beast and get perky look.

The invisible silicone lift up bras with biological silicone adhesive material reused many times without loss of adhesiveness.

Our rabbit bra is bound to lose its stickiness eventually after some uses, they are predicted to wear out after 10 times of usage if not taken care of properly. But, if taken care of properly they can be your firm supporter and can be used for much longer.

Every time you apply a stick on bra on your boobs, bits of you get stuck to the adhesive. This is why it's important to wash the cups after each wear. LouisEden Bra is designed to last multiple wears, so taking a minute to wash the cups is totally worth it.

1. After every use, rinse the bra cups with warm water and a few drops of hand soap. This washes off all of your skin's oils and residue from the sticky bra.

2. Scrub off any dirt that got caught in the bra adhesive. This step should make your sticky bra reusable for, well, ever!

If you want to have a long-lasting sticky brayou should wash it after each use. Start washing the cups in a circular motion. Avoid soaking it in waterDo not use fingernails or brush to scratch the surface