Wear your outfits without compromising on your bra.

Invisible and hyper practical, the invisible bra rabbit Louis Eden is the ally of women who want to wear outfits that leave the back and shoulders uncovered without going without underwear.

There is no risk of falling

Bring more punch to your outfits with Louis Eden's invisible and adhesive bras. Enjoy your evening, be free to move, your bra will stay in place.

Dare your sexiest dresses

Whether you have a plunging neckline or a bare back, look your best and give a natural push up effect to your breasts. Ideal for all those daring dresses.

Don't disobey the code of glamour any more

Get rid of your bras and all those grandmother's tricks to avoid having nipples sticking out under one of those beautiful dresses. As well as hiding your nipples, Louis Eden invisible bras give your breasts a natural push up effect.

Invisible Rabbit Bra || Adhesive bra Louis eden™

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